Classic Collection Tea On a Stick


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Why we love it

  1. 100% Natural crystallised tea made from tea leaves, fruits, plans and herbs
  2. Dissolves fully in water
  3. Healthy drink and made in the U.K.



This is 100% Natural extract from tea leaves, fruits, plants and herbs, crystallised in a novel shape and dissolves fully in water for a gourmet tea experience. Tea-Pop is rich in anboxidants, vitamins and minerals, which is essential for maintaining good inner body health, and also free from dust, dirt and ferbliser commonly found in leaf tea.

Each canister has 6 x Tea-Pop Sticks

Classic collection 

  • English Breakfast – strong aroma with minty explosion with every sip
  • Earl Grey – strong aroma with lively sweet taste of fruit and floral
  • Jasmine Green Tea – rich, buttery Oolong tea lifted by caramel sweetness and subtle floral notes


Small Print

  • Postage and Packing is £12.00


More Info

Tea-Pop’s Mission is “to make delicious, pure and healthy tea from 100% natural ingredients, providing a gourmet drink experience in an instant with minimal impact on the environment.” At Tea-Pop, they believe that there is a better way to enjoy good quality tea – An easy, fun and fuss-free experience where you can enjoy your new favourite brew when and wherever your heart desires. 

Tea bags are not always biodegradable and tea leaves take time to brew and can be messy to dispose off.  As a population 64% of adults are overweight or obese and obesity-related conditions are on the increase. Tea, fruits, plants and herbs are rich in natural goodness and have been proven effective in aiding inner bodily health. Tea-Pop is the result of a long collaboration with Chester University to develop the ultimate tea experience. 

Good health starts with a good cup of TEA