Introduction to Beekeeping and Craft Beer Tasting London

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  • Great introduction to beekeeping
  • The tasting is very sensorial: you'll try the beer, the food, the honeys
  • Great introduction to beekeeping
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What's Included

This Urban Beekeeping and Craft Beer Tasting London, starts with a short introduction to Bees and Beekeeping in the city, the equipment and tools commonly used by Beekeepers as well as a first glimpse inside the hive. You’ll get ready for a Hive inspection and the chance to help Hiver’s Beekeeper, in handling the frames and checking the health of the Hive.

After the fun of getting up close and personal with the ‘Ladies’, you’ll relax over tutored honey beers and food matching session and only 10 minute walk from Kennington Tube station. There’s a small shop on site for honey, beeswax candles and more. Groups are of no more than twelve people per session. Bee Urban’s site is suitable for disabled access to their premises but not to the hives.

Beer contains gluten so the tasting is not suitable for coeliac

What’s Included

  • Beekeeping suit (including face protection) along with gloves on the day
  • Wear sensible flat shoes and bring socks. Feet should be fully covered.
  • Beer keeping
  • Tutored honey beers and food matching session
  •  Refreshments provided

More Info

Beekeeping in Sussex: a unique opportunity to get hands on beekeeping experience. Perfect introduction to any budding beekeeper or anyone with a fascination for the bees. Honey Beer remains a lesser known style of beer, participants will get to try 2 different beers: an ale and a lager.  Food matching: most beer tasting do not offer food pairing and it is usually reserved to wine tastings.

Hiver Beers tasting is very sensorial: you’ll try the beer, the food, the honeys used in the brewing process and some of the beer ingredients. The Albourne Estate, our hosting venue, is a stunning location in the South Downs, guaranteeing picturesque views.

Some fun facts about bees and honey: Honey is the only food containing all the substances necessary to sustain life – enzymes, vitamins, minerals and water. Honey is the main food for adult bees, whilst larvaes will be fed “bee bread”, a mixture of pollen and enzymes that they produce, as well as various amount of royal jelly, depending on their gender.

Hiver sources raw honey from independent British beekeepers. Beekeepers say that good quality honey should not be pasteurised, the same way that brewers talk about good quality beer. The fact that bees forage in a three mile radius to the hive, means that the three honeys we source for Hiver honey beer are as varied and unique as the malted barley and hops that were picked during the recipe development stage.

Small Print

  • Two week notice required for booking
  • Wear sensible flat shoes and bring socks. Feet should be fully covered.
  • Must be 18 years +
  • Most weekends from mid-April until mid-September
  • Sessions are in groups of 12
  • ONE WEEK Cancellation notice, due popularity of the experience, sessions tend to sell out. Hiver can not guarantee that you will be able to  rebook for your first choice of date.


Address:  Bee Urban London, Kennington Park, St Agnes Place, London SE11 4BE

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