Online Doodle Art workshop - Motif for Wellbeing sessions

Online Doodle Art Classes

Locations: London

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Why We Love It
  • Creating an artwork with simple shapes
  • Private and personalised
  • Enhances creativity and helps to relax
Price £75.00
Suitable For
  • Individuals or families (over 7 yrs old)
  • Access to computer/laptop

Online Doodle Art : Motif for Wellbeing

This 1.5 hour online private doodle art for wellbeing session will not only help you to create a beautiful artwork but will also help to relax and have some fun. The sessions are personalized to individuals. By personalizing the program individually, you are able to learn and develop at your own pace. The aim is to explore and experiment with shapes and lines to express your thoughts on to a beautiful artwork and to have fun in the process!

Once you have booked your private session you and your family members (or friends) will receive a few doodle art motifs options from which you can choose one that we will create in the class together.  Or you can give your own preference. No matter where you all are in the world! You can look forward to a fun-filled moment creating memories.

Who is it for:

Doodle Art, Motif for wellbeing session is designed for everyone who wants to learn and give this amazing form of art a chance to Ignite the dormant aspects of your brain to boost memory & creativity, improve focus & interpersonal communication and to release anxiety.

What you need for the session

  • Wi-fi & laptop, iPad, phone or computer
  • Zoom app
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Plain paper (recommended)

What's Included

  • Private 1 to 1 or 1 to family session
  • 1.5 hours private session
  • Step by step instructions to creating your own doodle art motif
  • creativity is really amplified, and find the ideas come naturally to as the class progresses.
  • Relaxed and focused self.
  • Taught by an established artist
  • Option to choose from a range of doodle art motifs templates
  • Black pen (fine liner/gel -pen)
  • Coloured pencils/pens (optional)

About the coach: Ashima Kumar is an artist, coach and trainer, who uses doodle art as a tool for mindfulness and to relieve stress. Alumni of the prestigious College of Art, Delhi, and Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Hague, Ashima is an accomplished visual artist and graphics designer. She is also the founder of Ashima Graphics, a design and creative studio and the force behind the increasingly popular “Doodle Art Workshops”. The Doodle Art Workshops were born out of deep personal exploration and research into doodle art. Over the years, Ashima has developed a unique personal style that fuses doodle art with traditional and digital media. She utilises elements from this style to impart tools for well-being. The workshops combine simple art forms, repetitive patterns and detailed instructions to help attendees discover unconscious thoughts, improve focus and enhance cognition. In the process the participants experiences reduced levels of stress. The tools provided are meditative and expressive in nature and lead to an overall sense of well-being and accomplishment. Her workshops are much sought after for their ease of experience. She routinely delivers talks and offers personal coaching to help her students express creatively and live energised engaged lives. An early proponent of “art for everyone”, her workshops are attended by young and adults alike, including corporate executives & managers and the elderly. What is doodle art? Doodle art happens when a thought from our unconscious self comes out as a drawing of a shape or sketch. It’s an art form that doesn’t involve much of our conscious mind. If a little more thought or effort is put into a drawing though, you can create an artwork that can be interpreted, just like a language. Doodle art can help you:

  • Build memory power
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improve focus
  • Help express emotions
  • Relieve stress

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  • Minimum age: 7 years
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult
  • The session is online via zoom


Address:  London

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