One to One Pasta Making Tuition

Locations: London

This product has a 5 Star Rating
Why We Love It
  • Learn a new trade
  • Professional teachings
  • Delicious meal to finish off
Price £100.00
Suitable For
  • One on One classes
  • Beginners
  • Birthday gift
This one-to-one pasta making at various locations across London, is ideal for anyone looking to be offered instruction and guidance in a more hands-on cooking environment. If there is an aspect of pasta making that you would like to focus on, this can be organised for your session.
The workshop is entirely hands-on and after a demonstration of how to make the dough, you will make everything by yourself. The tuition will kick off with your instructor sharing some fun facts about the history of pasta and the origins of the ingredients. They will the explain to you where the ingredients come from, what ingredients are used, where to get the best ingredients and why to use these specific ingredients.
Once the hard work is done, you can put your feet up and be rewarded with the delicious meal you have created, and enjoy your dinner. There is the option to bring your own beverage or request a wine tasting.
What is included:
  • Class location is in London, at a place of your choosing.
  • Choose from an extensive selection of pasta to make e.g. Tortellini, Ravioli, Tagliatelle, Gnocchi, Lasagne etc ..
  •  Dinner
  • A booklet with recipes

What do you learn:

  • How much flour and eggs to use
  • How to correctly knead the pasta dough
  • How many minutes you should knead the dough for to obtain a smooth and elastic dough
  • What kind of flours you should use for a perfect dough
  • How to shape the dough to obtain the pasta

Vittoria and Annachiara created Pasta ‘n Play to fulfil a dream and they always wanted to have a job that allowed them to have fun and to build something from scratch. Anybody with enthusiasm to learn a new skill is welcome! The classes are run by an Italian cookery tutor who wants to spread passion for good and healthy food in London.

Their passion for cooking started more than 30 years ago in Italy learning their trade at Nonna's elbow and going on to prepare food for their families.

The company mission is to educate people to eat healthier and enjoying the cooking experience. Cooking together is a bonding time that brings family and friends closer. And the benefits don’t stop here: cooking is such a relaxing activity.

People are free to take any food left from the workshop and bring it home. The products are supplied by local companies that respect the environment. They collaborate with many charities and love helping the community.

  • One person only 
  • 5 days notice required
  • Available any day
  • Location of your choosing.
  • All students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Ideal workshop if you have already a general idea of how to cook.
  • Wine tasting to accompany your meal can be arranged locally
  • By attending & or booking a PnP course for someone a  you agree to accept their t&c's.
  • Covid restrictions may apply


Address:  88 Disraeli Rd, Putney, London SW15 2DX

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