Hidden and Haunted Ghost Tour

Locations: Edinburgh, Scotland

This product has a 5 Star Rating
Why We Love It
  • Discover Edinburgh’s gory history
  • Access to areas no other tour company has
  • ‘Meet’ Edinburgh’s most famous figures
Price £12.00
Suitable For
  • Over 18s only
  • Fun night tour
  • Special Occasions

One hour ghost tours in Edinburgh are the most chilling way to explore Edinburgh after dark – and underground. These tours are strictly adult-only, and are a short, sharp shock – a very unsettling introduction to Scotland's capital’s unsavoury past. These tales are not fit for daylight telling, nor for those under 18.

Share in Edinburgh's true stories of sinister misdeeds and terrible consequences. Starting your walking tour above ground around the wynds and closes of the Old Town, you'll hear of bloody plots that led to treason and torture – as well as secret lives that led to horrific deaths and tormented souls.

Delve deeper, go underground, feel the chill in the air and the unsettling feel of Blair Street Underground Vaults

 What's included

  • Tour lasts 1 hour
  • Uncover the sinister side of Edinburgh’s Old Town
  • Go deep underground at the Blair Street Underground Vaults
  • Enjoy a personal ghost tour in a small group
  • Learn about Edinburgh's murderers, prostitutes and torturer

Pick out evidence of life in the distant past – and perhaps more – lurking just beyond the faint beam of your guide’s torch.

The Edinburgh outlander experience, traces the real events that inspired Diana Gabaldon’s acclaimed novels, this walking tour captures the spirit of the Jacobite rebellion in Edinburgh 1745. The Jacobite rising has reached the city gates and Bonnie Prince Charlie is met by the cheering crowd.

Mercat was founded by a history teacher, but you can forget the classroom. At the centre of everything Mercat do, is the art of a good story well told.

Mercat choose their guides for their enthusiasm and skill, they do not read from a script and each guide brings their own energy to the story, regardless of the character they are enacting.

The stories are all true – and you won’t find any artificial ‘jump scares’ or tricks on our tours. With Mercat, they'll take you deeper into the past than a bus tour or guidebook ever could. In the hands of their guides, they bring the city’s stories alive in rich, engaging detail.  Whether you choose one of their history or ghost tours, you’ll see a side to Scotland’s capital that most visitors miss.

Small Groups Mercat limit the group sizes to a maximum of 30 people, so you can always hear the guide, and you’re always involved. It’s one of the reasons their guide’s get such consistently good feedback, and why they’ve won so many awards.

  • The first 5-star walking tour company.
  • 91% on VisitScotland
  • Voted one of Scotland's top 11 attractions

It’s fair to say Mercat tours know their stuff. Located right at the centre of the Old Town’s restaurants, shops, hotels and bars – Mercat tour is the perfect way to explore another side of the city.


Daily Tours Mercat run tours every day, in all weathers and have guaranteed departures. When you book onto a Mercat tour, you’re going on a Mercat tour, no last minute cancellations and no minimum quotas.

  • Strictly OVER 18s only
  • Tickets are limited. Book in advance to guarantee your place on your tour
  • LGE voucher must be presented upon check-in and will be exchanged for your tour tickets. Failure to produce your LGE voucher may result in non-admission
  • Any persons suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will be refused participation
  • The meeting point is the Mercat Cross on The Royal Mile, EH1 1RF
  • Please arrive here 15 minutes before the start of your tour and check-in
  • Tours daily 21:30 | 22:00


Address:  28 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR

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