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What's Included

If you’re just coming as a spectator and don’t fancy giving the driving a go for yourself, you can now experience the thrill of stunt driving from the passenger seat, with this Passenger Driving Experience’ which can be purchased on the day.

This passenger experience is available to all spectators over the age of 14, letting them experience what it is like been in the passenger seat with our experienced stunt drivers they will get to experience Handbrake Turns, Handbrake Parallel Parking and Donuts first hand.

The Passenger Package is perfect for those without a driving licence or thrill seekers that don’t which to try it for themselves.

Passenger Stunt Driving Experience includes:
– Welcome, briefing and meet the expert team
– Demonstration of stunts: Handbrake Turns | Handbrake Parallel Parking | Donuts
– Passenger in 3 stunts
– Cars stunts performed in – BMW Minis | BMW Z3 | single seater, six wheeled, twin engine buggy
– Play on the racing simulator
– Debriefing
– Complimentary hot beverages, juice, bottled water and biscuits

Spectators – £10pp
Spectators are welcome at a cost on the day of £10 per person, includes: 

  • Under 5s are free 
  • Use of the facilities
  • Free play on the racing simulator
  • Unlimited hot beverages, juice, bottled water and biscuits.
  • There are indoor and outdoor viewing facilities, where they can see all of the action!
  • Take photos and videos of the session.

More Info

Stunt Driving Experience, Middlesbrough is one of the leading stunt driving schools in the UK providing you with the chance to try out the stunts that you see in the movies, all under the expertise and professional guidance of the leading stunt driving tutors.

The stunt driving experience, is the UK’s only purpose built stunt and precision driving arena, providing a safe environment for car enthusiasts. The passenger stunt driving experience is in three stunts and at the end you will know what it’s like to be part of an action film star. All stunts are performed all under the expertise and professional guidance of the leading stunt driving tutors.

Stunts Available at Stunt Driving Experience in Middlesbrough

Two Wheeling

Probably the most bizarre and unique stunt. You drive a Mini Cooper car over the ramp and experience what it’s like to drive a car on 2 wheels under the guidance of the professional stunt experts.

Handbrake Turns

Learn how to do the perfect 180 degree turn on the spot with the fully trained stunt driving tutors.

Handbrake Parallel Parking

The handbrake turn just with a bit more precision, see if you can pull that perfect handbrake turn into a designated space.


Try and donut the rear wheel drive cars by pivoting around a single spot.

Donuts Roulette Challenge

A spin on the donuts in the unique six wheeled, twin-engine donut buggies. Try to complete the course by getting the quickest time and receiving as few penalties as possible.

Parallel Park Challenge  

A knock-out challenge making the parking space smaller and smaller, getting that little bit harder at each attempt.

J Turns 

This is the stunt used in the films to get away from the bad guy, you will perform the reverse flick to make the perfect get-away.

Stunt Finale

Small Print

  • Min Height: 5’0″
  • Max Height: 6’6″
  • Min Age: 14
  • Max Weight: 20 stone
  • £40 waivers £10 spectator fee


Address:  South Tees Motor Sports Motor Sports Park, Dormor Way, South Bank, Middlesbrough TS6 6XH

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