Luxury Chocolate Workshop


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Why We Love It

  • Chocolate will suit all tastes!
  • Amazing goody bags to take away
  • Great fun day
  • Expert chocolatiers
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What's Included

The Luxury Chocolate Workshop – 2 and 1/2 Hours 
We think that this is the crème de le crème of chocolate making workshops – the ultimate chocoholics dream! You will be treated to highly indulgent martinis containing chocolate, prosecco, truffle tasting, chocolate taster platters and luxurious chocolate decorations as you learn the magical legends of chocolate and get stuck into some sophisticated chocolate making with exotic flavours. Leave the luxury chocolate workshop, with full-to-bursting bags of your handmade truffles and flavour infused chocolates, you’re sure leave on a high!

Chocolate Mixology and Bubbles
Learn to blend chocolate martinis – so decadent that even the glasses are drizzled in chocolate! On top of the cocktail making and enjoy a lovely glass or two of Prosecco.

Chocolate Legends and Chocolate Connoisseurs’ Tasting
Chocolatiers will guide you through the fascinating history of chocolate, with plenty of exotic tastings to complement this magical timeline. Discover how chocolate is made, as this could be the first time you try 100% pure chocolate! and sample mouth-watering chocolates, learning insider tips from Chocolatier connoisseurs, that you can show off at dinner parties!

Chocolates Infusions, Gooey Fudge and Fresh Truffle Making
Getting creative, make tasty flavoured chocolate slabs, experimenting with flavours such as rose, orange, fig and mint to find an enticing taste mix.  Then team up in pairs to make fresh cream chocolate truffles and cut, mould and dip gooey chocolate fudge. Finally decorate your truffles and fudge with luxurious toppings such as berry dust, white chocolate flakes and strawberry curls.
Goody Bags
Leave with approximately 15 of your handmade chocolates and giant chocolate button, packaged up in gorgeous ribbon tied bags.

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The Luxury Chocolate Making Workshop is the ultimate chocoholics dream combining chocolate making with indulgent chocolate martinis and Prosecco.

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Location: London

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