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  • Highly realistic flight deck and visuals
  • Loved the HD Photos and Video
  • Located at a real airport in an active hanger
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What's Included

Take to the skies as captain of the state of the art multi-engine jet simulator with 737 Pro, From the moment that you step onto the flight deck, you will feel as though you are in charge of the real thing.

You will learn and successfully land with a crosswind, then deal and overcome an engine failure, which is thrown in on finals for good measure. You will really feel a sense of accomplishment after being tested to the limit in this outstanding flight simulator experience.

  • Highly realistic flight deck and visuals
  • Free HD Photos and Video (£5 charge for memory stick)
  • 30-minute video and face to face pre-flight briefing
  • Bring up to 5 guests along on the flight in the passenger cabin
  • Located at a real airport in an active hanger
  • (Gate to gate) + (Emergencies) + (Go around) + (Different landing locations)

737 PRO have  few options to choose from:

30 Minute Flight Simulator introductory session will show you exactly how a short flight is conducted, what all of the controls do and how to operate them. It is a fast-paced yet highly enjoyable experience for you or to present as a gift. From the moment that you step onto the flight deck, you will feel as though you are in charge of the real thing. Choose from any of the short popular routes section or suggest your own that fits into the timeframe.  The flight is from runway to runway.

1 Hour flight Simulator is the most popular flight simulator experience choice. It gives a great insight into an entire flight from start to finish, leaving you with a strong sense of accomplishment.  The next time you fly away on holiday, you will know exactly what is going on in the flight deck from start to end. This flight simulator experience is the same as the 30-minute experience from runway to runway, with the addition of the aircraft being cold and dark at the gate. Customers will program the route, start the engines, be pushed back by a tug, taxi using the tiller wheel and taxi / complete a full shut down at the other end.

90 Minute Flight Simulator package, is for customers who want more than a straightforward cruise. The simulator flight is a full sector, starting from cold and dark as with the 60-minute experience, with a range of procedures thrown in (such as radar vectors to the ILS).

2 Hour Flight Simulator experience includes everything in this 120-minute package with the addition of in air emergencies and multiple approaches at different airports (Hong Kong Kai Tak airport is a common favourite). Choose from over 24,000 airports in the database.

More Info

737 Pro Simulator is based upon the B737-800NG model. The world’s leading twin-engine short to medium range passenger aircraft. The Next Generation variant features a redesigned wing that is larger in area, with a wider wingspan and greater fuel capacity. It is equipped with CFM56-7 series engines, a glass cockpit, and features upgraded and redesigned interior configurations; capable of carrying up to 189 passengers.

Small Print

  • Voucher valid for 6 months
  • Customers with photo sensitive epilepsy are unable to use the simulator
  • Minimum age of 8 years old
  • Due to the nature of the experience and the requirements to climb in and out of the cockpit, customers should be of a reasonable level of fitness and health to participate
  • Customers must arrive 30 minutes before their session time


Address:  737 Pro, Westair Hangar 8, Blackpool Airport, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 2QY

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