Cooking with Science Workshop


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Why We Love It

  • You will be able to reproduce all techniques at home
  • Improve your culinary creativity and blow your guests mind.
  • Learn the science behind cooking


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What's Included

This unique cooking with science experience, explores the molecular gastronomy techniques, blending physics and chemistry to transform the look and texture of food, resulting in new and innovative culinary creations! This cooking class lets you try and experiment with the different flavours, that you ordinarily think wouldn’t pair together, demonstrating foods that can bring unique flavours out in your recipe.

In this 2 hour 15 minutes cooking your dinner-workshop, where nothing is hidden, right after you finish it, you would be able to reproduce your unique creativity at home to impress your guests, with your own remarkable pictures of the food you will prepare.

What’s Included:

  • Workshop lasts 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Starts 7pm-9.15pm
  • Includes: appetisers, tapas dinner and dessert
  • Molecular gastronomy cooking techniques
  • The first glass of wine is on us. BYOB.
  • All ingredients and tools are provided
  • Menu adapted to dietary requirements
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan.

Venue & Days:

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ Worcester Park (KT4 7AT)

More Info

Pencil & Fork Ltd is built on  “Learning experiences through food”. This unique company, founded by David,  a Chemist certified by Harvard University in Science and Cooking.

David has twenty years of experience in developing and providing training. He has been working in Spain, US, Chile and UK developing workforce development training programs and dynamics for Universities and companies. David has a master’s degree in Chemistry from Salamanca University; he is a Certified from Harvard University in Science and Cooking. You will not only learn the HOW you will also learn the WHY.

Small Print

  • From 16 years old
  • Tailored for small groups
  • Venue very convenient by public transportation


Address:  Worcester Park, KT4 7AT

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