Wildlife Walks with the Bird Whisperer

Posted by Karen Macartney

LGE welcomes private guided nature tours with wildlife expert Steve Gozdz.  After some research we have found that Covid-19 has highlighted the benefits of walking and being amongst nature, helping our health and well being. Some of us have not only enjoyed walking amongst the greener areas of our country but started to learn and explore the wonders of nature.

There are many nature walks around the country and one of the best is with none other than with the bird whisperer Steven Gozdz. Steve offers private guided walks that takes in the sights from Hartslock Nature reserve area as well as the Riverside. You will see an array of wildlife including kingfishers (which if seen is considered a lucky omen), gold crests, fire crests, herons, all kinds of tits and finches, robins and wrens, the kites, buzzards, of course kestrels.

Some of us have never seen a Kingfisher, yet just an hour with Steve and we saw several, much to our amazement and wonder.  The walks are suitable for all ages and walking abilities. Steve is flexible in tailoring to each groups requirements. His passion shines through and is contagious. #Birdwhisperer

Diving Kingfisher into River from the river bank

Steve will explain about the different birds, the noises and chirrups they make and their behaviour. You will also explore other wildlife you encounter. Other parts of the walk you will see Woodpeckers, of different types and the Kestrel families. During a private guided walk with Steve,  you may see and hear a goldcrest and enjoy watching a family unit of Kestrels hanging out eating.

Steve has the ability to hear a birdsong, isolating it from all the other bird chatter and then identify what it is and where it will be likely to be seen. We saw a buzzard, a comical green woodpecker, a hint of a kingfisher, house martins, linnets, wrens, dunnocks, chaffinch, swallows and heard much more. A truly magical experience that you won't forget.

The Goring Scenic Circuit, walk with Steve, is well thought-out and you will have plenty of time to get that perfect picture! The countryside setting is stunning even if the weather isn't on your side.  Steve’s knowledge on birds is second to none, his ability to hear and pick out individual bird songs is incredible to watch and then see the corresponding bird after, hence why he is known as the 'Bird Whisperer'.

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