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Here are our 2019 top tips for your wedding day.

Don’t be a #Bridezilla

Getting married can be stressful, but don’t make it stressful for those around you. When you pick your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids make sure they know exactly what you expect from them; the time, cost implications and jobs that you will need them to do for you.  Remember to take a step back and appreciate the people around you throughout the whole experience. Don’t ask too much from any one individual even if they repeatedly volunteer. If you follow this advice everyone is clear on their role expectation and you won’t ruin any lifelong friendships!  

Create a personal wedding hashtag for photo’s.

Create a ‘#’ for your big day and ask your guests to use it when they post any pictures about your big day. This way all your guests can find the photos that were taken by each other and you in one place without having to scroll looking for them.  Great hashtags can be formed by putting your names together ; Rachael and Bryan = #RayanWedding19. Try an online anagram website to see what your names make;  Maria Andy = #ADairyman20

Wedding Photographer Expensive?
A rising cost in the wedding budget is the photographer, everyone wants great pictures to look back on but the cost can take over the budget.  A way to keep costs down and still get photo’s is to ask at your local college or sixth form if any students would like to photograph your big day and in return you will give them a small fee, lunch and use of the pictures in their portfolio. You could even get 2 students to come and do it at different times.  Another great tip is to ask for recommendations in local social media group pages. Once you have the names look at the styles they do – are they using lens flare and Instagram filters? Are the photo’s too dark? Are the pictures worth the money?  A true wedding photographer is an artist who will create great shots without you knowing they are being taken so look in the portfolio’s  for natural un-staged images. Get what you pay for.

Social Media Ban? If you don’t want social media at your wedding make sure you let guests know beforehand. It could be for a number reasons, maybe not everyone’s family can make it on the big day, you might want to keep the wedding theme a secret for night guests or perhaps you just want to keep your  special day private.  You can ask the officiant to read a message out or place a message next to the guest book. Here is a sign we’ve created for you :


Create a gift list

A gift list seems outdated and many couples prefer cash or holiday vouchers however it is best to give an option. You could create the list on Pinterest or put it on your wedding website.  Ask for gift experiences from your guests and keep making memories with your guests after the honeymoon ends.

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