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To Gift or Not on Valentine's Day

Posted by LGE Editor

What should you give this Valentine's day and should I celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Whether you think February 14th is an over commercialised pile of hooey or a day to celebrate the depth and breadth of your love even being single can't stop February 14th  from showing up. So whatever your relationship status or length we have some ideas for you.










Should You sign Your Valentine’s Card?! 

The best thing about a Valentine's Day is when the card is signed with an X, where the sender, is unknown and the mystery of your admirer is withheld. You can let your imagination run away with you. For this level of secrecy, we suggest disguising your handwriting by writing with your opposite hand – however, no adult wants a card to look like it has come from a child, you may need to practice, to maintain an air of sophistication or even do a MoonPig card!
We suggest sending the card or gift via post, so no camera doorbells pick up the delivery! Perhaps send loved ones, door step Grazing Boxes and with a bit of luck you might be asked to share it! A Relaxing Spa Package could be just what the love of your life is after, filled with everything to relax them. 

Tips for secrecy:

  • Don’t use your handwriting
  • Avoid ring doorbells by using the post (Don’t be a stalker and jump out of a bush!)
  • Give enough clues it’s from you without giving the game away



P.S I love You!

If you’re ready to reveal your love or have already bagged the partner of your dreams, show your love with a well thought gift and they don't have to cost the earth. Using the app Canva you can create some coupons for various ideas and ‘entertainment’ and print these to be used at a later date. For the thoughtful keepsake approach that will last, try a date Engraved key ring. Want to make a lasting impression, try a Couples Spa Day - we host several amazing option around the UK and we know you will enjoy.  



For Those That Like 'Different' Gift Option:

Enjoy a date stoking real fires of passion with a Blacksmith Experience making a bottle opener followed by a tasting session of local beer. For the animal lover have a hoot on a fabulous Owl experience for two. Make a splash with a Kayaking or Paddle Boarding in the beautiful Lake District (other locations are available).

Making a commitment, I do!

Planning to propose?  Awesome as soon as you get the yes you can head off to a Make your Own Ring Workshop.




 Single at Valentine’s and fed up of romance

You could curl up and try to avoid the day with a drink of choice, your body weight in snacks a good book, our suggestions are:

  • Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, Y
  • You Before Me or anything by Colleen Hoover - guaranteed to turn you off love

You could sit and binge an entire series while not, we repeat not, looking through your news feed judging your friends and their relationships, we suggest for this approach: “Wednesday” and “You” both on Netflix, Motherland on iPlayer and Little Fires Everywhere on Amazon Prime.

Or invite your singleton friends round, with wine and takeaway, then search through our website looking for your next Instagramable and enviable adventure! We recommend you head straight to the adventure section and start by looking at Gorge Walking in North Wales , a perfect way to laugh, make memories  and motivate yourself through accomplishment. Or a 4x4 Adventure Day 



The Family Date Option

 There is always ‘that’ person who has mdde heart shaped pancakes, cards, gifts, lunchbox notes and cut their carrots into kisses – Yes, Sarah, we mean you! We all sigh at the dedication, yet secretly admire and wish we had the time and energy level for such fun. If you are spending February 14th without a baby sitter, surrounded by the children, then go all out! Use pizza dough to make heart shaped pizza’s, tell your partner there is always March 14th Mother's Day)  put on Cobra Kai and serve heart shaped chocolates. If you want to go even further you could sign up for an online Doodle lesson!

Whatever you decide to do - enjoy your time together. 

Rachael Hall
Contributor 2023


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