The Best Ready Mixed Pina Colada

Posted by Karen Macartney

The Best Ready Mixed Pina Colada

pina colada cocktail

We all love a cocktail and have been researching the best pre-mixed and ready to drink cocktails.

Here at LGE, we have been buying and trying the Pina Colada, ready to drink cocktail and or Malibu equivalent. Nothing tastes better than the creamy Pina Colada, with a pineapple and cherry garnish!

You can bring the pina colada cocktail making experience into your home, without the hassle and mess of creating pina colada from raw ingredients. Try this test with friends and serve the pina colada ready made drink (or Malibu cocktail) and see if they notice the difference.

We found the best success to have a professional Pina Colada is to add ice and the drink to the blender for a minute. Perfect for your summer picnics or BBQ’s in the garden!


  • Choose your ready to drink Pina Colada
  • Add small-medium handful ice or crushed ice to a blender
  • Add the Pina colada
  • mix for 1 minute
  • Serve and garnish the perfect pina colada (serve with straw)

If you prefer, serve the cocktail straight from the chilled can onto ice, but it’s not nearly as tasty and frothy as adding the pina colada /malibu mix to the blender!

pina colada best ready made drink

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