Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s day is about appreciating the person who has supported, influenced and guided you in your life and celebrating this on 19th June 2022.

My Dad; he has hobbies, lots of hobbies. He likes fishing, golf, playing guitar, going to the gym, Xbox and eating cheese and wine. So finding him a present needs to match with whichever hobby he is currently most enthusiastic about.  

I have come to recognise two problems facing families on Fathers Day: in our house my mum has to fit father’s day in with her Dad, and my Grandpa likes stamp collecting, dog walking and whisky, so very little overlaps that satisfies both Dads. The other problem is that homemade gifts for mum are easy, a photo, a card, a drawing – simple and although, Dads cherish these offerings, in my experience they end up in the sock drawer after 10 days!

I used to think it hard to pick for my Dad because he has so many hobbies, but now I see this as an opportunity. I also realise that my living at home days are over as I’m away at university for most of the year. I've decided, I’m opting to spending time with my dad this year and going to buy him an experience as a gift.  (I will also drag my boyfriend along as a bit of “ Please like him Daddy! “ hopefulness). 

Top 5 picks for Dads

1. The Barista Experience

This is my top gift pick that covers all Dads, a barista experience, what Dad doesn’t like coffee? After long days at work and longer nights watching Netflix, this is a real “pick-you-up” wide awake experience















2. Chauffeur-guide tour to The Cotswolds Distillery 

Another sure fire success, a day's chauffeur-guide tour to The Cotswolds Distillery with a visit to the Cotswolds. 

3. Fishing Experience - Loch Lomond 

A boat trip and Fishing this ticks boxes and as it is in Scotland, why not make a weekend visit of it.















4. 4x4 Off Road Experience

After being taught to drive by my Dad I think watching him learn might be fun, as he drives off road in the open terrain. 















5. White Water Kayaking - River Dee, North Wales

A little touch of adventure White Water Kayaking for 3 hours on the river Dee, North Wales. Anyone who enjoys a little 'splash' and not mind getting wet, then this would tick the box and provide plenty of future fun stories and laughs for everyone to enjoy.

Gift Experiences

Five Element Water Spa Day at Bodhi Tree Spa Buckinghamshire Image
Five Element Water Spa Day 2 locations Five Element Water Spa Day has a 5 Star Rating

From £180.00

More Info
Pasta Making Class  Wandsworth London Image
Pasta Making Class 1 locations Pasta Making Class has a 5 Star Rating

From £65.00

More Info
Rebel Buggy Rally Driving  - Bristol Suitable 18 yrs + Image
Rebel Buggy Rally Driving 2 locations Rebel Buggy Rally Driving has a 5 Star Rating

From £45.00

More Info
3 Hour Sri Lankan Cooking Class  South West London Image
Sri Lankan Cooking Class 1 locations Sri Lankan Cooking Class has a 5 Star Rating

From £90.00

More Info

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