2 x 2 Hour One to One Cycle Coaching


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Why We Love It

  • Sensible, smart, training & responsive coaching
  • The only company to provide 1:1 cycle coaching experience
  • Perfect to support cyclists that are looking to participate in a cycle tour with friends


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What's Included

2 x 2 Hour One to One, Cycle Coaching Session available at various locations throughout the UK.  This one to one cycle coaching experience is designed for all levels, abilities and ages. The Spokes coach that hosts the cycling session will help you to improve your cycling performance and as a consequence get greater enjoyment from cycling and perfect to support cyclists that are looking to participate in a cycle tour with friends, a corporate cycling event or your first cycling events.

You will complete a personal questionnaire once you’ve redeemed the voucher on the Spokes website. This is followed by an introductory Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp between the Spokes coach and you. The coach will provide an initial 4 week basic training plan, to prepare you for the first Cycle Ride and  information received in this period will be a guide to the location and terrain suitable for the Ride.  After the first cycle the coach will then prepare a further 4 week training plan, prior to the 2nd cycle. Spokes is the only company to offer this exclusive 1:1 cycle coaching experience.

What’s Included:

  • 2 x 2 Hour 1:1 Cycle Coaching Sessions
  • Pre cycle ride consultancy with your personal Spokes Coach
  • Pre cycle ride 4 week training plan pre first ride (based on information from the questionnaire and the introductory call)
  • Coach designs cycle ride route and schedules ride dates
  • First 1:1 Cycle Ride –  2 hours ride with Spokes Coach
  • Feedback and further 4 week training plan, prior to 2nd ride
  • Second 1:1 Cycle Ride –  2 hours ride with  Spokes Coach
  • During the second Ride the coach will build on developments and techniques
  • Follow up personal training recommendations & highlight future development plans

SpokesFit Personal Cycle Coaching Experience UK

More Info

Spokes have been trialling a new personal cycle coaching experience over the past 6 months with unprecedented success. This product experience is a Live Cycle Ride coaching session with one of Spokes’ professional coaches. The cycle coaching experience is held in one of 12 ‘cycling friendly’ locations throughout the UK
 Professional team of expert support:
-Sports DNA Analysis
-Strength + Conditioning
-Post injury rehabilitation

Completely personalised programmes:
-Programme to meet personal goals
-Personal Spokes Coach -unlimited support
-Dynamic training plans to fit lifestyle
-Integration of training, nutrition, recovery, strength + conditioning by the coach
-Continuous motivation + mental fitness support to maintain client’s focus

Small Print

  • Minimum 16 years on the date of the Ride, (12-16 yrs must be accompanied by parent or authorised guardian)
  • Transferrable to another person prior to the introduction to the Spokes Coach
  • You must complete Personal Questionnaire, includes & requires the customer to sign a release of liability clause about their personal health and waiving any responsibility on the Spokes Coach for the customers safety whilst cycling on the public road
  • You will be offered a special discounted Insurance through Bikmo Cycle Insurance
  • Introductory call between you & the Coach can be on a platform that works for both parties within reasonable hours of the day
  • Ride date and time can be scheduled for any weekday or weekend (daylight hours only) that is mutually suitable for both parties
  • A ride can only be rescheduled if either you or coach are ill, however if you postpone twice then the coach has the option to declare the voucher null and void
  • If the coach has to postpone the Ride twice then the customer will be entitled to a engage with another coach or have a complete refund
  • A rescheduled Ride date will need to be agreed within no more than 4 weeks from the original Ride date
  • Both parties agree to provide / agree new dates without unreasonable delay in communications between them


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